• Music therapy is a recently developed
  • Singing words are looked as improvements in speech
  • Coordination with different sectors of the rehab works
  • We are proud in stating that we are 'improving lives'

Our Mission

Music therapy is a recently developed field that has been assisting patients to cope up better with their treatments and recreate a new life. Through this music therapy, individuals can set goals for their life with assistance from the medical practitioner.

Music therapy needs a bachelor degree and a license to start the role. This has been newly seen as an established medical profession, which aims in addressing the cognitive, emotional and social behaviours in patients.

We have seen many people, who are unable to express themselves in any form, expressing to music beats and rhythms. They are able to vent out their frustration and anger, distract their minds through music in a much better way. While alone during leisure times, patients are seen dancing to the tunes, singing songs, and even the speech aid patients singing along, which is considered as a commendable progress!

We are proud in stating that we are ‘improving lives’. Our motto, our philosophy, our policies, principles and mission all reflect the same – to improve the lives of the physically, mentally and psychologically disturbed patients.



Our mission:

  • We deliver innovative, high standards and quality and cost effective treatments to all the communities and regions.
  • An active and proactive environment for patient’s safety and risks involved are analysed and identified. We provide a wide range of services for both inpatients and outpatients, including rehab and any surgeries too.
  • We are pioneers in providing high-quality service, at an affordable range.

Our values revolve in offering the best care and they are:

  • Patient safety
  • Respect and dignity to every individual
  • Excellent service system
  • Quality care that involves humanism and compassion
  • Quality in education and research
  • Lastly to provide services, within the reach of the patients. As this is the main reason sometimes for people not showing up.